My honor is my life.
  — Oath of the Knights of Solamnia[2]

The Knights of Solamnia, also called the Solamnic Knights, were an organization of honor from Ansalon, the main continent of the southern hemisphere of Krynn.[3][4]


The order was made up of chivalrous knights, which were subdivided into three orders. The knights of these orders were known as the Knights of the Crown, the Knights of the Rose, and the Knights of the Sword. Such knights had to take an oath to their order.[3]


The Knights of Solamnia protected the spelljamming port on the city of Palanthus in the continent of Ansalon.[5]

A similar organization known as the Star Knights, founded by retired Knight of Solamnia Dante Lionmane, patrolled Krynnspace and the surroundings of Krynn from Dante's dragonfly.[6]


Around 1369 DR, a trio of knights, one from each respective order, became stranded on Toril, a planet far from their own. They became trapped in their Planar Sphere and ended up in Athkatla, a city on the continent of Faerûn. Some Athkatlans believed the sphere to be a thing or worship, whilst others merely seemed to profit off of it.[3]



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