The Knights of the Black Gauntlet were an order of banite crusaders and helmed horrors located in Mintar in the mid-14th-century DR. They were noteworthy for retaining their faith during the Dark Lord's absence, following his death at the hands of Torm, during the Time of Troubles.[1]

This evil brotherhood was ruled with an iron fist by Teldorn Darkhope, Lord Knight Imperceptor of Bane. He commanded complete obedience in his knights. His indoctrination methods, which included a ritual and the use of dark promise spells, caused prospective members to lose any semblance of their former personality.[1]


On Midwinter's eve, in 1362 DR, a ghostly black hand appeared in the throne room of the ruling Mintaran satrap. Out of the hand stepped Teldorn, along with a small company of black knight, who then proceeded to slay the ruler and his guards. After seizing the throne and eradicating any leftover resistance, Teldorn began recruiting mercenaries from throughout the areas around the Lake of Steam into this unholy order of knights.[1]

After entrenching the Black Gauntlet within the region, Lord Knight Imperceptor Teldorn set his eye on the chaos of Tethyr. At the end of 1369 DR he began mustering his dark knights to invade the city of Kzelter.[1]



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