The Knights of the Crescent Moon, or the Order of the Crescent Moon, was a resurfaced knighthood of Iltkazar in 1370 DR.[2]


The Knights of the Crescent Moon was founded by Lady of the Seven Silver Stars, Elhanna Moonhawk, a cleric of Selûne, and her mate the First Axe Therlarn Axesong, a powerful warrior of Clangeddin Silverbeard after a divine vision sent by both their gods to face threats from the Lake of Steam. In −200 DR, they gathered together human clerics of Selûne from Zazesspur in the Purple Marches and dwarven warriors from Shanatar. They proved their valor fighting in the Eye Tyrant Wars of −170 DR to −166 DR, and thanks to them, the beholders were defeated.

However, after the victory at the Battle of Eyesvale, the allied forces of Tethyr, Mir, Calimshan, and Iltkazar disbanded, and soon the Order found itself in constant struggle with rival groups devoted to Selûne and to Clangeddin and involved in the court politics of Tethyr and Iltkazar. After the power of his order started to decline in −75 DR, the new leader of the Order, the half-dwarf Bryth Moonaxe, consulted the Oracle of the Deepwash, who gave to him a prophecy that the order should quickly disband but would also rise again in the future to fight an ancient foe.[3] So Bryth and all his fellows voluntarily underwent a Phezult's sleep of ages spell.

They awoke in 1370 DR, 1,445 years later. Under the able leadership of Bryth, the members of the order slowly adapted to that time and tried to reforge the bond with the crown of Iltkazar. However, Bryth saw stagnation around him and spoke against it, while also asking for a war against the beholder Alimir Hive.[2]



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