The Knights of the Mystic Fire was an order of paladins dedicated to Mystra, goddess of magic.[1][2][3] A member of the order was known as a Mystic Fire Knight.[4] [note 1]


The Knights of the Mystic Fire were sponsored by the church of Mystra.[1] They were closely allied with, or even a parent organization to, the Order of the Shooting Star.[2][3] [note 2]

The number of members in the order was at least five hundred. However, they worked in small groups; it was rare to find more than a dozen in any one place.[3]


The Mystic Fire Knights regularly joined priests of Mystra on missions to find and uncover lost stores of ancient magic. They also served as guardians at large Mystran temples and at magical workshops, usually as leaders of regular defenders.[1][4][3]


Mystra granted divine magic to the paladins of the order.[1] However, they also studied arcane magic, and the paladins could train freely as wizards. They could even double as guild wizards of Waterdeep.[3] As such, the Mystic Fire Knights had a closer affinity with arcane magic, potentially being able to cast arcane spells and having an increased capacity for magic. A Mystic Fire Knight could smite an evil foe and disrupt their ability to use magic, and had an ability called "Spellshatter", in which they could strike a foe and dispel a magical effect on them.[2][4]


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  1. The Keepers of the Mystic Flame, also called the "Knights of the Mystic Flame", are a similarly named knighthood in Ravens Bluff that enforces the proper use of magic in the city. The similar name and nature suggest a close relation to the Knights of the Mystic Fire.
  2. Faiths & Avatars presents the Knights of the Mystic Fire and the Order of the Shooting Star as separate organizations each sponsored by the church. Champions of Valor, page 34, says they are closely allied, while page 102 discusses them together and says the rangers of the Order are members of the Knights, suggesting they are a sub-organization.


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