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The Knowledge domain was a deity domain that granted divine spellcasters like clerics with spells and powers based around obtaining knowledge.[1][2]



After the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, clerics with this domain could study all fields of knowledge. They also cast spells of the divination school at greater strength.[1]

After the Second Sundering of the 1480s DR, knowledge-domain clerics could learn two additional languages and could study in two fields of knowledge. They also gained access to the knowledge of the ages and read thoughts powers.[2]


After 1372 DR, as they advanced, a priest with this domain could find hidden passages with detect secret doors, read minds with detect thoughts, see or hear from afar with clairaudience/clairvoyance, learn the outcome of future actions with divination, see things as they really were with true seeing, find the most direct route with find the path, learn stories with legend lore, find an exact location of something or someone with discern location, and finally gain a sixth sense for imminent danger with foresight.

After the 1480s DR, clerics who chose this domain were granted free access to the command, identify, augury, suggestion, nondetection, speak with dead, arcane eye, confusion, legend lore, and scrying spells.[2]




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