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Ko'Chung Gompa was a monastery (a gompa in the Tabotan language) of the Way of Enlightenment in Tabot.[1]


It stood in the eastern Kun-Yen Shan in northeastern Tabot.[1]


Ko'Chung Gompa was built as a fortress, with walls that were tall and thick and topped with battlements. The sole entrance to the compound was a massive gatehouse. A spring flowed within the walls, providing it with fresh water[note 1] Despite it appearance, in spring and summer, flowering vines creeped across the walls, lending it a stark beauty that, it was said, aided the lamas in understanding the Way of Enlightenment.[1]


The monastery housed the wondrous E'soa Ho-chi, or the Herald of Mei Lung, a magical tome that told the whole history of the world—right up to the present moment, and beyond! This priceless work was well guarded by warrior monks who would fight to the death to defend it and a lama stood by at all times to keep turning the pages as the history was written. However, no one was allowed to read the tome except those given special permission by Tabot's High Lord of Oceans.[1][2][3][4] In case of theft, if the Herald was ever missing from the monastery for over twelve hours, a potent spell on it would automatically teleport it back.[3][4]


Ko'Chung Gompa was the first line of defense in the north against regular invasions of Tabot by the forces of Shou Lung and raiders from the plains.[1]


Given how many great powers desired the Herald and how often Ko'Chung was threatened, the abbots were careful and resolute. The monks, too, were professional and deliberate in their activities, but also battle-hardened and somewhat violent. They were backed up by a militia of 800 skilled warriors and a 250-strong elite cavalry called the kicugun.[1]


It was founded some time between Shou Year 585 (−665 DR) and Shou Year 640 (−610 DR), when fifteen groups of monks and temple guardians escaped persecution in Shou Lung and journeyed southwest in search of a holy land that would remain pure and lasting, ideal for isolated hermitages. One of these groups built the beginnings of Ko'Chung.[5]

Tabot continued to be invaded by the forces of Shou Lung, with attempts in Shou Year 837 (−413 DR), in Shou Year 859 (−391 DR), and finally in Shou Year 894 (−356 DR). In this last invasion, the Shou seized the whole of northern Tabot, from Lokar Pass to Ko'Chung. It took the creation of the five crystalline warriors and the battle of Lokar Pass on Crystal Day to repel them and reclaim all of the conquered lands.[5]

At some point, the great Dragon Lord Mei Lung gave the Herald to the Ko'Chung lamas to preserve his chronicle of history should something terrible happen to him that even he did not foresee.[1][2][3][4][6] They were faithful, dedicated, and well-defended in their remote mountain monastery—perfect for its protection down through the centuries. Soon, safekeeping the Herald became their sole purpose.[3][4]



  1. The source says the entrance is a "siege tower", but a siege tower is a mobile siege engine. It would be nonsensical to have one as an entrance, suggesting this is in error. Hence it has been reworded as a gatehouse.