Koalinths were a savage undersea race, mainly inhabiting the Inner Sea.[citation needed] They were known as sea hobgoblins.[1]


Koalinths were similar to hobgoblins in appearance, but were very brightly colored and possessed gills.[1] Their coloration was generally lighter, and their skin tone was of a green hue. Other aquatic adaptions included webbed hands and feet, as well as a more slender form.[2]


Koalinth were known for a great ferocity similar to that of normal hobgoblins. They held a strong hatred of elves, deep enough to affect their decisions to forge alliances.[1] They preyed upon any beings they came across, and were highly disagreeable.[3]


Koalinth were as diligent in matters of warfare as their land-dwelling cousins. They shared their martial skill and ability to see in the dark. They were amphibious but normally moved slower in the water than they did on land. Like many seafaring races, they wielded tridents so as to better fight in aquatic settings.[1]

Koalinth sergeants focused on the most crucial battlefield threats. They were faster underwater than other koalinths and used hooked nets to capture important enemies, and were especially skilled in putting down these foes when restrained.[1] Koalinth also included shamans and witch doctors helped by small groups of assistants. Carried by either chiefs or subchiefs was a tribal standard that boosted the morale and ferocity of those who saw it.[2]


Like normal hobgoblins, koalinth society was highly structured and militaristic. Koalinth lairs were located in underwater sea caverns, grottoes, and shallow fresh water caves. Some koalinths made use of guard beasts, using giant crayfish in freshwater and sea lions in salt water. They spoke a dialect of Goblin unique to their race. Koalinth societies were run by chiefs and subchiefs with shamans beneath them. Sergeants conducted routine military operations with normal koalinth soldiers.[2]



Ghosts of Saltmarsh


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