Kocrachons were insectoid baatezu devils often employed as torturers in the Nine Hells.[1]


They had dark blue-purple carapaces and long limbs ending in delicate claws that allowed them to wield fine tools. They had small heads and long, serrated proboscises. Their insectoid eyes allowed them perfect vision even in complete darkness.[1]

Kocrachons could speak several languages, such as Infernal, Celestial, Common, and Draconic, and could also communicate telepathically.[1]


Kocrachons were utterly sadistic, taking genuine pleasure in inflicting pain on others. These personality traits made them natural torturers.[1]


Although they were quite capable of defending themselves, kocrachons usually avoided straightforward combat, preferring instead to torment their enemies slowly.[1]

Kocrachons preferred relying on their innate magic when fighting. These abilities included animate dead, cure moderate wounds, desecrate, detect good, detect magic, dispel magic, magic circle against good, liquid pain, major image, sorrow, suggestion, teleport without error, wave of grief, wither limb, wrack, and blasphemy. They could also occasionally summon other kocrachons to aid them.[1]

Like other baatezu, kocrachons were immune to poison and fire, and were less susceptible to to harmful sources of acid and cold damage.[1]


Kocrachon and ghargatula 3e

A kocrachon (front) with a ghargatula (back).

Many kocrachons could be found in the service of greater baatezu, usually working as torturers in great infernal citadels. The archdevil Dispater was known to employ over a thousand kocrachons on the layer of Dis.[1]

They were usually encountered in groups of between three and six individuals.[1]


In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the imp Boonmoppet attempted to lure mortal bypassers into a cave near Daggerford, where he would ambush them using summoned kocrachons.[3]


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