Kog was a dark naga chieftain and the leader of Skerndli and Gorgat who was enslaved by Myth Drannor's corrupted pool of radiance in 1369 DR.[1]

It was Kog who pledged our lives to the Pool, and silenced the woman.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Like other dark nagas, Kog was a powerful adversary, adept at spellcasting. Kog also could spit venom. The dark naga was immune to poisons and resistant to charm effects.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime before 1369 DR, Kog and his dark nagas came to inhabit a small open-air temple of Mystra in the ruined Nightingale Court of Myth Drannor. The nagas were in conflict with the restless spirit of Anorrweyn Evensong, the long-dead leader of Myth Drannor's Sisterhood of Silver Fire, the sect that worshiped the goddess of Magic. In 1369 DR, the Cult of the Dragon led by Kya Mordrayn arrived at Myth Drannor to find and take control of the city's pool of radiance. With the pool corrupted, it started creating smaller "tendrils" of sorts to spread its effects, called spawn pools. One such pool surfaced in the ruined temple of Mystra, where the nagas resided. Kog pledged himself, Skerndli, and Gorgat to the pool allowing it to power them, grow, and strengthen.[1]

A mysterious totem worshiped by the dark nagas under Kog.

The pool was a pure exposed part of the Weave and it allowed the nagas to tap into its energies to weaken and banish the ghost of Anorrweyn Evensong. In her weakened state, she reached out to the group of heroes, the Veiled Ones, who were working to bring down the Cult on behest of Elminster. The adventurers confronted the nagas who converted the temple of Mystra to a shrine with an odd and mysterious totem tied to the nagas and the pool. Kog and his dark nagas attacked the Veiled Ones, thinking them to be dinner. After a fierce magic-slinging battle, the adventurers slew the corrupted nagas and smashed the idol. With the slaves of the pool gone and its focus destroyed, the spawn pool drained, allowing the benevolent ghost of Anorrweyn to regain her power and return to aid the Veiled Ones.[1]

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