Koje was a small city in the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur in the mid–14th century DR. It lay on the eastern side of Kang Bay in central Koryo.[1][2][note 1]


In the mid–14th century DR, a wandering shukenja placed a geas on the warrior Xax Chung, commanding that he must look after and protect the people of the city of Koje until Jisziat's Tower was "cast to the ground". Xax could not be free until this came about. In the course of this duty, Xax saved Koje from a giant dragon turtle, slew the tengu Kwi'asp, and "tamed" the witch Zartalla before marrying her. He earned renown as the "hero of Koje".[3]

Around 1357 DR, some twenty townsfolk were healed by a wandering shukenja. Although the healer did not give their name, the people erected a monument in thanks regardless.[4]

Finally, many years later, when Xax was an old man, Koje was assaulted by a dragon, who tore down Jisziat's Tower. Xax battled the dragon, and died defending his adopted city. Revealed to be a hare hengeyokai at the end, he remained known as the hero of Koje.[2]


A prominent local landmark was Jisziat's Tower.[3][2]

Merquam Pang, one of the most prosperous merchants of Koryo, who lived in Xi Hulang, owned a shop in Koje. It was heavily guarded by his hirelings.[5]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

The warrior Xax Chung was feted as the "hero of Koje" for his efforts in protecting the people of the city. He lived at a large cattle ranch about 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Koje with his family and servants.[3]



  1. Like many sites in Koryo, this shares a name with a real-world counterpart: the city of Geoje, which is also rendered as "Kŏje".


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