The Komite, or Imperial Tournament was a martial arts tournament held in Shou Lung.[1]


For many martial artists, the Komite was the supreme contest, allowing them to confront the greatest fighters in all styles from across the empire and abroad. They competed in the Komite for the challenge, glory, and honor. The Komite received thousands of competitors, but only a very select group, a few dozen at most, could really expect to win, and only one would see success. The champion and immediate runners-up were famed across Kara-Tur. People heaped praises upon them, poets would write about their courage and skill, temples and schools would welcome them, and they would receive respect everywhere. This honor and prestige spread to their families, friends, schools, teachers, fellow students, and so on. Such prestige was more sought after than the prize money, 2,000 ch'ien.[1]


Fighting to the death was not required, participants could surrender or forfeit any time, but all the same, many contestants perished.[1]


The location of the Komite was chosen by the current emperor and was many times in a different location from the last Komite.

In 1358 DR, the Komite was held in the city of Suijeng in Chu' Yuan province, at the Temple of True Enlightenment outside the city.[1]


The Komite was a tournament held by Shou emperors. A Komite was held around 1298 DR.

In 1358 DR, the tournament was held in the city of Suijeng at the Temple of True Enlightenment. The temple had traditionally held its own annual provincial tournament starting from around 1258 DR. In 1358 DR, officers from the Imperial Court arrived, proclaiming that this would become the next Imperial Tournament, the Komite Suijeng.[1]



The Komite is likely named after the Kumite tournament in the 1988 movie Bloodsport, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. This was in turn named after kumite, which is sparring training in karate.