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Kor was the god of wisdom of Zakhara. He was one of the eight Great Gods of the Land of Fate and preached that wisdom stemmed from age, and wisdom brought strength.[1] Kor's symbol was a sunburst.[3] In parables, he was described as an old and grey-haired but strong man, whose advice was sought by gods and mortals alike.[1] Like other Zakharan gods, he was above such concerns as alignment, as wisdom was sought by an altruistic healer as well as by an evil leader of holy slayers.[2] His faith placed value in stability, order, and tradition. Seeking the advice of one's elders and learning from one's mistakes were very important to his followers.[1]

Old Kor was mainly venerated by ethoists. Centers of his worship were the cities of Dihliz, Halwa, Huzuz, Jumlat, Liham, Muluk, Qadib, Rog'osto, Umara, and Wasat.[1]


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