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Korgan Bloodaxe was a violent dwarven mercenary that worked out of the city of Athkatla in the late 1360s DR.[1]

"Aye this be a grand enough lot. Mayhap I won't be needin' to kill ye all anytime soon."
— Korgan


He had a distinct belly that was presumed to be caused by his excessive consumption of alcohol.[1]


Korgan had a particularly crass sense of humor. He readily insulted others and appreciated when they responded in kind. Conversely, he genuinely enjoyed violence and admired those who displayed great skill in combat.[1]

Surprisingly he enjoyed writing poetry as well. Some verses were eloquent and concise while others were crude limericks scrawled into the walls of privvies.[1]


Among the members of Korgan's crew of ne'er do wells and thugs were Shagbag, Crazyface, Scrooloose, Stitch, Hogbelly, and Cutter.[1]


Tragically, Korgan's mother died while she was still pregnant with him. His father had to intervene to ensure the baby dwarf would live. Only five years later,his father died as well and Korgan and his three brothers were left orphaned.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Korgan and his crew were hired to retrieve the Book of Kaza from a crypt beneath Athkatla's Grave District. Unfortunately a bloody fight broke out, causing the group to disband and abandon the task as hand.[1]

Korgan spent over a tenday simultaneously killing members of his crew and seeking out other adventurers within the Copper Coronet to aid him with the book's recovery.[1]

By that time however, the rest of Korgan's former allies had rallied together to retrieve the Book of Kaza and killed their former employer Pimlico.[1]



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Baldur's Gate series (Shadows of AmnThrone of Bhaal)

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In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Korgan is voiced by William E. Martin.

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