Kori was a barmaid in the village of Toralth in Tethyr in 1370 DR.[1]


Kori had black hair and walked with a limp.[1]


Kori was the wife of Jorid and helped him run the Blue Badger Inn, a tavern situated in Toralth, a village in northeastern Tethyr. She had a special relationship with all animals but disliked malcontent patrons, whom she always pitched out of the door.[1]


Kori was an adventurer during her youth.[1]

On Uktar 10, 1370 DR,[2] three dwarves, Bapar Ghalmrin, Odak Truesteel, and Soram Battlebellow, entered her husband's taproom, seeking the Sondarr Scepter. When Bramas Thorntree accused some of the other patrons of stealing it, this triggered a tavern brawl. Kori was one of the ones who tried to separate and calm the brawlers.[3]




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