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Korolnor was one of the eight subkingdoms of the dwarven realm of Shanatar.[1][2]


Korolnor was located beneath the Troll Mountain which formed part of the northern border of the surface realm of Amn. It was an intricate network of tunnels and caverns at the border of the Upperdark and the Middledark. Numerous passages linked the kingdom with the surface.[1][2]


Formerly a kingdom of shield dwarves, the ruins of Korolnor were now home to a nation of trolls and a small number of derro, who occupied five of the former dwarven cities. This realm of trolls was called the Everlasting Kingdom of Stommheim and was ruled, as of 1372 DR, by Ursummnogh the Unkillable. The culture and language of giants had a strong presence in the Everlasting Kingdom. Stommheim claimed both the former realms as well as the peaks and valleys of the mountains above. It managed to defend itself from invasions and raids.[1][2]

The derro who lived here were led by Kursh Brokenhorn, a derro sorcerer. They had an alliance with the trolls of Stommheim, which stipulated in return for the trolls' aid in killing mind flayers, the derro assisted in both the defense and expansion of Stommheim.[1]


Korolnor was once a thriving kingdom. Founded in the distant past, the kingdom was home to several cities notable for their exquisite stonework. Their skill in stonework was so excellent that most of it remained intact even long after Korolnor's fall. The realm's legacy lived on through several examples of fine stonework, such as the Axe and Star bridges found in eastern Amn and the towering Wailing Dwarf, a 4,000 ft (1,200 m) carving on Mount Batyr in the Troll Mountains.[2]

The dwarves of Korolnor were constantly defending their territory, especially after the Mindstalker Wars. Much of the defensive measures taken after the Mindstalker Wars was in defending their surface holdings from attacks by giants and trolls.[2]


At the time of its founding, the dwarves of Korolnor worshiped Diinkarazan, a demigod of the derro. Over time, worship of Diinkarazan was widely abandoned in favour of worshiping the Morndinsamman, the dwarven pantheon, as a whole.[2] The derro who lived there as of 1372 DR were fervent worshipers of Diinkarazan.[1]