King Korox Morkann was the monarch of the small kingdom of Erlkazar in the Lands of Intrigue.[1]


Korox Morkann was a human man with blond hair.[1] He was a paladin[1] dedicated to the service of the god Torm.[citation needed]

Having once led a group of local heroes and adventurers, Korox was a skilled leader of his country.[1]


King Korox ruled from the stronghold of Klarsamryn in the capital city of Llorbauth in the barony of Shalanar.[1]


Korox took a personal role in the upkeep of his nation's army, personally seeing to the training of many of its officers.[1]

The king also controlled trade coming in and out of the port of his city and the majority of the agricultural trade as well.[1]


Korox Morkann was the oldest son of Duke Valon Morkann, who would succeed from Tethyr to become the first king of Erlkazar.[1] Korox' younger sister, Dijara was married to Lord Purdun, baron of Ahlarkhem, and the couple were among King Korox' strongest supporters.[1]

Korox had a daughter named Mariko, whom he adored.[citation needed]


Before becoming king, Korox Morkann was the leader of Elestam's Crusaders, a group of warriors dedicated to protecting then-duchy Elestam from evil. In this role, Morkann and his companions four separate times stopped attempted assassinations of his father, though they could never prove who had ordered the attacks.[1]

After the Ten Black Days of Eleint, when the dynasty of Tethyr fell, Duke Valon made himself king and succeeded Elestam from Tethyr to become its own country. Korox and his Crusader's teamed with the Emerald Brotherhood to protect the fledgling country from both dragons and vampires.[1]

Korox and the Crusaders also helped defend the tiny nation against a horde of goblins led by goblin King Ertyk Uhl in the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR. The Crusaders were at last victorious in these Goblin Wars, but only after they had made an alliance with a tribe of ogres, which helped them defeat the smaller humanoids.[1]

Upon the death of this father in the Year of the Staff, 1366 DR,[note 1] Korox became king. Whereas his father had ruled the whole country directly, Korox appointed his friends in the Crusaders as barons over the four other baronies outside Shalanar.[1]

After the restoration of the kingdom of Tethyr by Zaranda Star, King Korox had no desire to join his country back with Tethyr, but he was willing to establish trade and a military alliance and actively considered joining the Lords' Alliance as well.[1]

In the 1368 DR, Atreus Eleint, a citizen of Erlkazar, undertook an expedition to the Utter East to find the fabled realm of Langdarma. Atreus and his party made it to Edenvale but were then never seen again after entering the Yehimal Mountains. Queen Rosalind of Edenvale sent Atreus's personal effects to King Korox.[2]



  1. The "Erlkazar & Folk of Intrigue" booklet of the Lands of Intrigue boxed set claims that King Valon died in 1366 DR. However, the novel Obsidian Ridge is set in that same year and states that Valon had died in the previous year, 1365.



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