Korreds were fey that resembled small satyrs, and were said to be descended from warped gnomes. They were fun-loving forest-dwellers who valued hair and items that most would consider too mundane to warrant interest.[citation needed] Korreds took great offense about people cutting their hair.[1]

Korreds had grey skin and hooves. Their hair was magical, and turned into whatever material was used to cut it.[1]

Korreds usually worshiped the god Tapann the Undying,[6] but korreds were also known to be servants of the gods Erevan Ilesere, Sharindlar, and Sheela Peryroyl.[7]


Korreds once dwelt in Brynwood in the Vast, but came into conflict with the local satyrs over territory. In the ensuing strife, both races fell before monstrous creatures. Afterwards, few of the korreds remained.[8]




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