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Kossuth's Blood was a magical amulet associated with the Lord of Fire Kossuth that first appeared in the Realms during the 9th century DR.[1]


It appeared as a unique black sphere resembling a giant eye that contained a small, continual flame.[1]


Kossuth's Blood allowed the wearer to cast spells in a more expedient manner and also made any mundane or magical flames they produced more damaging to their targets.[1]


The amulet was formed in the Year of the Star Rose, 801 DR, when a large group of Kossuth's faithful called upon his avatar to aid them against an enormous octopus menacing one of their coastal temples. Kossuth obliged and manifested in the form of an enormous bonfire and slew the beast, but not before it managed to damage him. Some of the god's fiery essence was drawn into its body and settled within one of its eyes, transforming it into the orb.[1]

Kossuth's Blood later ended up in a remorhaz pit in the Gloomfrost of Icewind Dale by 1281 DR.[1]



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