Kostchtchie (pronounced: /ˈkɑːsiKAS-tch-tch-ee[5]), known as the Prince of Wrath, was a demon lord and a patron of frost giants and rage.[1][6][2]

Kostchtchie smash

Kostchtchie destroying trespassers in the Iron Wastes.


By establishing himself as a deity of frost giants, Kostchtchie directly encroached upon the domain of Thrym, though that titan[7] did not take direct action against the demon lord.[8] The dwarven deity Clangeddin Silverbeard considered Kostchtchie, as well as the other evil giant deities, a hated enemy.[9]


Around -160 DR, Kostchtchie's hortha was summoned by summoners of Narfell. Frost giants gathered under this hortha and fought on Narfell's side. It wasn't clear what exactly a hortha was, but given that urhortha meant avatar,[10] chances were that hortha meant an aspect of the demon lord.[speculation]



  1. The class is given for Kostchtchie's avatar.


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