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"The krakentua" was the krakentua ruler of the Isle of Gargantuas in the Outer Isles of Wa in the mid–14th century DR.[1][note 1] It was likely one of the Eight Million Gods.[speculation]


Around Wa Year 1765 (1347 DR), the krakentua had a titanic battle with more powerful spirits of the ocean. Badly wounded, he escaped to the Isle of Gargantuas to heal and recuperate.[1][note 2]

There, he contented himself with watching the insectoid and reptilian gargantuas in their never-ending conflicts, and planning what next he would do. In time, he managed to assert his control over the gargantuan creatures living on the isle, and installed himself as ruler of the Isle of Gargantuas.[1]

In Wa Year 1775 (1357 DR), the krakentua was approached in a dream by Shiz-ti, a powerful wu jen who dominated Paikai. Shiz-ti offered all the islands in the south of Wa for the krakentua to rule in exchange for the krakentua's help. The krakentua agreed but on a tentative basis and waited for further details about Shiz-ti's plot.[1]


The krakentua had developed a plan to recruit and train an army of gargantuas and attack southern Wa, but was unsure if he should proceed alone or wait to hear Shiz-ti's scheme.[1]


The krakentua was intelligent, but an unquenchable desire for destruction and power.[1]



  1. No personal name or title has been given for this or any other krakentua.
  2. Using very similar wording, Test of the Samurai page 58 gives the exact same event at around the same time for the krakentua of Shinkintin (also in southern Wa), apparently implying it to be the same being. However, that krakentua is female, while the subject of this article is male, so here they are assumed to be separate beings. Taken together, it appears the two krakentua were companions in the battle before going separate ways. A third krakentua (gender unknown) appears in the earlier Night of the Seven Swords, also fleeing "more powerful guardian spirits of the deep ocean", but centuries earlier and going instead to Ito-jo in Kozakura.