"The krakentua" was a krakentua lairing beneath Ito-Jo in Kozakura in 1359 DR.[note 1]


The krakentua lived in the deep oceans until it fled the more powerful guardian spirits of the deep. It took refuge in the caves deep below the castle of Ito-Jo.[2]

Here, it was found by the wu jen Ungu Yakana, who tried to convince it to serve him by threatening it with the enmity of the Sun Temple sect. However, the krakentua not only enslaved the wu jen but also became the secret counselor of Ito Saburo, causing the decline of the Ito family.[2]

In around 646 DR, to humiliate Saburo, it decided to collect all the Seven Swords, the first traded by Saburo in exchange for the death of Nambu Akinari. The fall of Ito in 647 DR also harmed the krakentua, who, thanks to the "ancient curse" remained trapped inside the castle. Despite everything that year, it collected the second sword.[2]

Around 811 DR, after it was broken in a duel somehow, the krakentua recovered the third sword. The fourth was recovered around 923 DR in the confusion of the conflict of Honda Mototsune against invaders from Wa. The fifth was taken in 1038 DR after the death of Michimori Sanai. Around 1071 DR, a female evil spirit took the sixth sword from Michimori Yumimaro. After 1182 DR, it took the final sword from counselor Kaijitsu.[3]

From then on, the krakentua remained in its lair until, circa 1359 DR, an adventuring party hired by Michimori Uemon to recover the Seven Swords fought and destroyed him, finally finding the swords.[1]



  1. No personal name or title has been given for this or any other krakentua.


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