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Krammoch Arkhstaff was a human fighter and sage who lived in Baldur's Gate in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


He was a sage specializing in monsters. In particular, he was an expert on basilisks, not just locally but across Faerûn.[1][2] With immunity to their petrifying gaze, he could observe the creatures going about their normal habits, and even bred them and keep them as pets. He sold them for 2500 gp on average.[2]

Adventurers, as well as merchants engaged in shady dealings, commonly came to consult with Krammoch. There were also often rumors he had many and close contacts with pirates. He also known to serve as a go-between for fences and their clients, by arranging meetings in different places and times to dodge scrutiny of authorities and victims of theft.[2]


A former adventurer, Krammoch retired and became a sage.[2]

Krammoch was one of the more notable personalities of Baldur's Gate circa 1358 DR.[1]

He once kept at least three pet basilisks at his home within the city, but after a few merchants were turned to stone, the Grand Dukes ordered them removed shortly before 1367 DR.[2]


Using some magical items he acquired as an adventurer, Krammoch was immune to petrification.[2]


He made his home and office in the city.[3] He also had a country estate near the city, with over a dozen basilisks present. It was staffed by blind servants and a dozen loyal guards protected against petrification by the same magic as Krammoch bore.[2]