A krenshar was a carnivorous magical beast similar to a big cat that could retract the skin from its face to scare prey.[2][1]


Krenshars had feline bodies[1] with spotted, shaggy fur that rose to a spiky mane over its spine and a long, bushy tail. The skin covering its skull was just a sheath that could be pulled back to reveal the underlying muscles and bone structure.[2]


Krenshars were social animals[2] that ran in small packs.[1] Humans, gnolls, and hobgoblins were known to capture krenshar cubs and attempt to tame and domesticate them.[1] This was difficult and dangerous, but occasionally produced fiercely loyal pets.[2]


Krenshar scouts made a loud screeching noise and displayed their terrifying visage to scare prey toward the pride and then pursued to herd them in the right direction and attack from behind. Both males and females participated in the hunt. The shriek and skull reveal had an effect similar to the scare spell. They typically attacked with a fierce bite and two front claws.[2]


Krenshar lived in temperate regions and preferred forests,[2] hills, and plains[1] for hunting herd animals (but would also hunt humanoids if given the opportunity).[2] Krenshars could be encountered as lone individuals, mated pairs, or in prides of six to ten. Typically, a pride had two adults for every cub.[2] Blood-red spots on their fur pattern usually indicated a pride leader or guardian.[1]


Circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, krenshars were known to hunt in the vicinity of the Fallen Lands in extreme eastern Luruar,[3] and could be found in and Dambrath and Channath Vale in the southern Shaar.[4] Also around this time in the east, they were encountered in Aglarond,[5] Thesk,[6] and the Forest of Lethyr.[7]

In the Demiplane of Dread domain known as Hazlan, many krenshars roamed the land that were the result of experimentation by the ruler Hazlik.[8]


Krenshars were among the favorite pets of Augathra the Mad, and their mummified remains were given a special chamber in her crypt.[9]



Pool of Radiance: Attack on Myth Drannor


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