Kresselack, also known as the Black Wolf, was a barbarian king in Icewind Dale who conquered a vast kingdom in his youth.[1]


Everard wrote that Kresselack's hands were red with blood and footsteps were like a winter wolf in the snow.[2]


I ravaged the lands and brought all those who opposed me under my rule. I built a kingdom upon the corpses of my enemies and I reveled in the glories of war.
— The spirit of Kresselack, 1281 DR.

Glorying in warfare, Kresselack launched raids into towns and hamlets across the Spine of the World, slaughtering many and bringing those who once opposed him under his rule and founding his kingdom. He was hated by many and his name considered a curse.[1]

However, when he grew old and realized that he would die and be dead forever, Kresselack knew fear for the first time in his life. Therefore, he tried to earn a place at the side of the Lord of the Dead, the god Myrkul, by constructing tombs in the Vale of Shadows in Icewind Dale. When the construction of the primary tomb was complete, he slew the workers and buried them outside in minor tombs. Afterwards, he sacrificed his most loyal followers to become the guardians of the primary tomb built for himself. Then he sacrificed himself.[1]

When at last Kresselack died, the people of the Spine were relieved. The wind howled the day of his death until his corpse was interred in his tomb.[1]

I thought of my kingdom and all that I had fought to create, but it was meaningless to me. A kingdom lasts a lifetime, but death lasts an eternity.
— The spirit of Kresselack, 1281 DR.

Kresselack had expected to rule beside Myrkul for all eternity, but instead he became a spirit cursed to forever haunt his tomb. The tomb was guarded by his sacrificed followers and a servant of Myrkul (his Sending) who had been raised from the dead.[1]

Centuries later, in the Year of the Cold Soul, 1281 DR, adventurers delved into Kresselack's Tomb in the Vale of Shadows, fought through his legion of undead and encountered his undead form. However, he and his followers were not the cause of the problems threatening Kuldahar, and he revealed instead that Lysan was a priestess of Auril. For slaying her, he would allow them to plunder his tomb.[1]



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