Krevish was a human fighter that lived in Yartar in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Krevish wore spectacles and had white-grey hair. He also wore a brown and green cowl and held a tome. In combat, Krevish fought with a shortbow and arrows, a shortsword and wore blue and purple chainmail. He was noted to be quite short.[1]


The man liked to speak in long-winded sentences, and was quite endearing.[1]


Circa 1358 DR, Amelior Amanitas had Krevish, a friend of his, masquerade as a guileless clerk from in the Kraken Society. Krevish was actually an agent of the Lords' Alliance, and was tasked with working from within to defeat a deadly Zhentarim plan.[1]

Around this time, Krevish was conveniently rescued by the adventuring party that would come to be known as the Heroes of Ascore. The small man was grateful, and in return, he recommended them to his friends who often hired adventurers. That way, the party could get back on their feet after having recently been robbed.[1]

After navigating through the streets, the party and Krevish arrived outside a complex. Krevish pushed a hidden panel in the wall, which swung open a hidden door. The party made their way through the dark corridor and reached a heavy wooden door. After using a specific sequence of knocks, the door was opened by a raging man.[1]

The man turned out to be a captain, and Krevish explained that his life had been saved. The captain gave the party a chance to earn some gold, and respect, by taking care of a Banite cleric in Nesmé. After taking the quest, Krevish asked to accompany the party.[1]



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