Count Krimmon Amethystall was the Fleet Chancellor of Tethyr and the ruler of County Vintor in the Purple Marches in 1370 DR.[1]


Count Amethystall was short, even for a halfling.[1]


Krimmon was a grumpy halfling man who lost his temper easily. He was greedy to a fault, but his diligence and talent for handling large sums of money made him well-suited for his job as the country's Fleet Chancellor.[1]

Despite being in charge of the navy's finances, Krimmon was phobic of water and could not swim.[2]

He was extremely disliked by King Haedrak's pseudodragon familiar, Purlakhonthiis.[3]


As Fleet Chancellor, Krimmon was responsible for the management of the finances of the royal navy.[2]

Krimmon was bothered by that only one halfling sat on the queen's Privy Council in 1370, while the elves had three seats, despite that five times as many halflings lived in Tethyr as did elves. He was hoping to be appointed a seat to improve his social status.[1]

Krimmon had been unable to find a wife suitable to his stringent tastes after two years of actively searching. His requirements for a wife were the following:

  • a native Tethyrian halfling woman,
  • a woman of "poise, grace, and beauty",
  • a woman to improve his standing at court,
  • a woman to increase his riches, and
  • a woman with foreign connections.

In 1370, Krimmon began to consider eliminating his first requirement to seek for a spouse outside of Tethyr.[1]


Krimmon's official estate as the Count of Vintor was Amethyst Hall, though he disliked the high ceilings of this former home of the wicked Count Romar Miklaas.[1]


In 1370 DR, Krimmon Amethystall was nominated by Pehllus Tanislove of Amn to join the Knights of the Shield as a halfling representative.[4]


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