Krote Word-Maker was a gnoll cleric of the Burnt Fur tribe.[1]


Compared to other gnolls, Krote was very thin, with a sunken snout and eyes. He had mustard-colored skin and tattered ears.[1]


Krote usually wore a dirty scarf around his head. He fought with spear and longbow and wore a ring of teleportation, which was a gift from Martine and used to be owned by Jazrac.


Krote became a lifelong friend of the Harper Martine, and he accompanied her on her travels.[1]


Krote was a shaman of the god Gorellik in the Burnt Fur gnoll tribe living in the Samek Valley. He was banished from the tribe in 1366 DR for not submitting to the ice devil Vreesar.[citation needed] He joined Martine and, with help of the hermit Vilheim and the gnome outcast Jouka, helped her fight against Vressar. Krote was decisive in the killing of the devil. Afterward, Krote decided to travel with Martine.[1]




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