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Krynn was the third and most populous of the planets of Krynnspace.[1]


Three moons of different colors orbited Krynn and the movements of each affected a particular form of magic on the planet. These were Solinari, a white moon that governed the use of good magic, Lunitari a red moon that governed the use of neutral magic, and Nuitari, a black moon that governed the use of evil magic. Due to how intrinsic these moons were to the nature of magic on Krynn, astrologers, sages, and wizards all monitored their movements.[2]


Much like the Calendar of Harptos, the major calendar used by the people of this world had 365 days divided into 12 months, though it also had an additional leap day. Because of this, the months on Krynn's calendar had either 30 or 31 days apiece. and had its months based on a lunar cycle of 28-days.[2]


Throughout Krynn's history, much like Mystara and Oerth, its astronomical and astrological records commonly featured phenomena that were caused by either magic or deities.[2]

In the mid‒14th century DR, Denys of Shiningburg and Dav the Butcher were sent as emissaries from Krynn to the Rock of Bral to discuss the threat of invasion the Vodoni Empire posed to the crystal spheres of Realmspace, Greyspace, and Krynnspace, in the early stages of the War of the Spheres. The meeting marked the formation of the Free Space Alliance.[3]

Rumors & Legends[]

Rumors existed of a gate connecting the northern region of The Sword in Anauroch on Toril to an unspecified location on Krynn. This rumor was due to adventurers on Toril reported encounters in that region with a variety of creatures that were native to Krynn. These included hatori, horax, skrits, and tylors.[4]

There was an ancient tale from Krynn that spoke of a horrific bat-like creature from the sky that caused immense destruction. These legends indicated that the Batship passed through Krynnspace on its journey to Realmspace.[5]


Gnome colonists from Krynn were credited with the creation of the many varieties of giant space hamsters that could be found in numerous crystal spheres.[6] These colonists were also partially responsible for the proliferation of firearms throughout the Known Spheres.[7]

Few people of Krynn ever traveled to Toril or even Realmspace, but there have been some notable exceptions:

Takhisis, one of the three prime gods of Krynn, was noted to be extremely similar in portfolio and appearance to the Torilian goddess Tiamat, though their exact relationship was unknown.[12] A similar connection was suspected but not completely understood between Krynn's leading deity of good, Paladine, and draconic deity Bahamut.[13]


Publication History[]

Krynn was the world of the Dragonlance campaign setting.


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