The Kuangchiu Road (also spelled as the Kuang Chu Road[1][2]) was one of the great roads of Shou Lung, linking the empire overland to distant Koryo around 1357 DR.[4][3]

It began near the city of Chaoyang in Chukei Province of Shou Lung. Here the Kuangchiu Road joined the Spice Road, which ran west and south; some considered the south-running Spice Road in Ma' Yuan Province part of the Kuangchiu Road.[4][1][2][5][note 1] Chaoyang maintained a border garrison to guard this junction.[4]

Running north, it passed through Kangste, the major trade town on the Kuangchiu Road.[4][1][2][5]

Beyond this point, on maps, the road disappeared into the Koryaz Mountains.[1][2][5] It presumably ran through the mountains, the vast Ama Basin lands, around and down through the Koryo Peninsula, and finally ended in Koryo.[speculation][note 2]



  1. Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms page 10 says the Kuangchiu Road also passes through Ma' Yuan, which neighbors Chukei. However, the following page says the Spice Road runs through Ma' Yuan. The map accompanying Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms doesn't name the southern road, not does the Kara-Tur Trail Map. Instead, The Forgotten Realms Atlas names this road the Spice Road, confirm its continuation.
  2. No map shows the road continuing past the base of the Koryaz Mountains. Instead, it simply stops. In order to connect to Koryo overland, it presumably must cross the mountains and all the northern lands, but magical solutions may be possible. However, its true course remains unknown.


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