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A kukri is a light, martial, melee weapon.[1]


The kukri looks like a short machete with a bent blade. The blade becomes gradually wider from the hilt to the end where it quickly tapers to a sharp point. The cutting edge is all along the inside of the curved blade up to the tip. There is no cross-guard on the typical kukri and the hilt is that of a knife. An average kukri costs 8gp and weighs 2lbs (0.9kg).[2]


The kukri is a basic utility knife that makes a great weapon. The extra weight at the wide end of the blade lets it chop like a machete. The kukri is not very good for defense due to the lack of a cross-guard, but offensively it is very threatening.[1]



The kukri is roughly the size of a sickle, that can be used much like a dagger, particularly in the hands of trained rogues, who use it almost identically.[citation needed] Like daggers, kukris make excellent off-hand weapons for individuals who prefer dual-wielding two melee weapons.[citation needed]



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