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The Kuong were a human ethnicity of the Kuong Kingdom in Malatra in Kara-Tur.[1][4]


The Kuong people were of similar race to the Purang people, having brown skin and wavy black hair, and lacking epicanthic folds.[1][4]


Though the Kuong had more in common culturally with the Purang and with the Seng of Laothan than with the northern nations of Kara-Tur, their national character was very different. The Kuong were known to be hospitable and hardworking, but also remarkably accepting of fate and obedient to their leaders and not doubting their caste system and hierarchy.[1][4]

Kuong clothes were made of light silks and gauzy fabrics, and men and women both wore sarongs and brightly colored billowing trousers, as well as a variety of gold and silver jewelry.[1]

The Kuong were masters of stonecutting and stone-carving, a talent testified to by the massive yet intricately carved stonework in their magnificent temple cities.[5]


The faith of the Lords of Creation was common among the Kuong and the state religion of the theocracy of the Kuong Kingdom.[3][4] It was not uncommon for worshipers to follow more than one deity in the pantheon, but Kuong monks, shukenja, and sohei notably followed only a single deity. Kuong followers of the Lords of Creation did not typically engage in philosophical considerations and did not place much value in respecting nature spirits. In fact, they were considered some of the most authoritarian and arbitrary believers of any faith in the Malatra region.[3]


The Kuong spoke the Kuong language. It was distinctly unlike all other languages spoken in Kara-Tur.[2][1] Because it was so unique, the Kuong people believed it to be specially blessed. However, most linguists observed that it was highly complex, followed no logic, and just weird. It was difficult to learn for even the most gifted minds.[2]