Kurgoth Hellspawn was a half-fiend fire giant who led the assault upon the drow city of Maerimydra and with the aid of Duneth Wharreil managed to sack the entire city. Although the drow of Maerimydra suffered from Lolth's Silence, leading his army of ogres, fire giants and demons to victory is an impressive feat nonetheless.[4]


Whilst other fire giants have fire colored hair or beards, Kurgoth's was literally made of fire with smouldering eyes to match. Outfitted with coal-black full plate armour and enormous bat-like wings, Kurgoth strikes an imposing figure.[5]


Kurgoth carried an enormous flaming greatsword.[6]


In 1372 DR the Archmage of Maerimydra, Duneth Wharreil, devised a plan to overthrow the ruling clerics in the wake of Lolth's withdrawal. On Elient 3, Duneth contacted Kurgoth and 20 days later Kurgoth attacked the city with his army swiftly taking the beleaguered city. Unfortuantely for both parties a complication arose, one that was fatal for Kurgoths partner Duneth. A cult to the drow Goddess Kiaransalee, led by Irae T'sarran, slew the Lolthites of House Chumavh and took up residence in Castle Maerimydra. Kurgoth set up a base in the Coliseum and his forces then entered into a protracted siege of Castle Maerimydra unable to break its potent defences whilst Irae and her followers lacked the numbers to sally forth.[7] Especially as a good portion of his forces still resided back in the Mines of Tethyamar and the outlying Deep Wastes.[2]


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