Kuthor Lagarr was a successful warlord from the Vilhon Reach area that decided to carve out a domain of his own on the north side of the Dragonmere in the 5th-century DR.[1]


Kuthor had long, curly red hair that he tied back in the style of women of the time. He had a beard and mustache that he trimmed irregularly and haphazardly. His eyes were pale yellow. He never wore hose or other noble finery, instead choosing practical breeches and boots. His voice was gritty and seldom use softly.[1]


By all accounts, Lord Kuthor was a cruel man with a quick temper that drank heavily and enjoyed beating those close to him, including his wife. When angered, he was cold and menacing rather than hot and agitated. He ruthless efficiency was the key to his wealth, the loyalty of his warriors, and the prosperity of the farmers and laborers under his rule.[1]


Despite having hired stonemasons and funding the construction of his castle, Irongates Gard, Kuthor was still a wealthy Lord when he died shortly after its completion. The Lagarr Legacy, as it was eventually named, filled at least twenty heavy wagons with treasure such as silver eating utensils, chests of gold coins, and a large coffer filled with a wide variety of gems and jewelry. This particular list of treasure was mentioned by notorious writer and explorer Volothamp Geddarm primarily because it was the contents of at least six wagons that went mysteriously missing on the journey from Irongates Gard to Castle Obarskyr.[1]


Lord Kuthor Lagarr was married to Lady Jhanthyl and it was believed that no children issued from this union.[1][2]


Kuthor Lagarr was a wealthy and successful warlord from southern interior Faerûn that emigrated to lands north of the Dragon Coast, settling down in an area northeast of Wheloon. Unfortunately, this land was already claimed by the kingdom of Cormyr, but the settlement of Irongates went unnoticed or unchallenged until Kuthor built a castle. King Duar Obarskyr could not let a squatter threaten his rule and he led an attack on Irongates Gard in the Year of the Maiden's Tears, 475 DR. Kuthor was killed on his horse in close-quarter fighting by four Cormyrean knights. His last words were reportedly "Jhanthyl—forgive me!" as he fell from the saddle.[1]



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