Kuyutha was a dragonborn demigod, and one of the few known exarchs of Bahamut.[2]


Kuyutha was a large, winged dragonborn.[1]


Along with all the standard powers and godly senses of a deity of his rank, Kuyutha had the ability to breathe a cone of coldfire energy. Kuyutha also had the frightful presence of dragons, and a special aura that protected allies against cold, fire, and radiant energy.[1]


Kuyutha trained an order of knights dedicated to Bahamut in Bahamut's Palace, on Mount Mertion in Celestia.[1]

Kuyutha's main role, however, was to act as an ambassador of Bahamut to the dragonborn race. His duty was to protect dragonborn clans, shepherding them when they were in dire conditions, and brokering honorable accords between clans at odds. He was also tasked with punishing evil dragonborn and seeking out worthy dragonborn to train with him.[1]


Kuyutha was the last paladin of an ancient dragonborn empire on the world of Nerath. During the last days of the empire, Kuyutha did his best to protect the few clans that survived the fall of their empire. As a reward for his efforts, Bahamut granted him a spark of divinity and elevated Kuyutha to the status of a demigod, tasking him with training an order of knights on Mount Mertion.[1]

In Realmspace, Kuyutha was most active in Abeir, but only a handful of sages and worshipers of Bahamut knew about him on Toril.[3]


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