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King Kymer of House Tethyr,[1] known as "the Shade King", was the eleventh king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


During his reign, Kymer bore the Lion's Sword, one of the Tethyrian swords of state.[3]


Kymer was the illegitimate son of King Alemander II[2][1] by an elven mistress.[1] He had a younger half-brother, Prince Coram.[1]


Kymer was born in the Year of the Parchment Heretical, 1167 DR.

When Coram became King Coram IV in 1202 DR, Kymer pretended to adore him. In reality, he wanted to take over the throne.[1] In 1218 DR,[2] he finally worked his treachery by bribing the captain of the king's guard to assassinate the entire royal family in their beds.[1] Only Prince Haedrak II, who was in Zakhara at the time, survived the murder. Kymer then set himself up as king.[1]

When Prince Haedrak learned what had happened years later, he resorted to piracy to weaken his half-uncle's navy while buying his time and building strength. After five years, in 1227 DR, he finally led a flotilla against Zazesspur and the palace.[1] The battle ended in a dual between the Shade King and the "Corsair Prince",[1] Kymer wielding the Lion's Sword and Haedrak fighting with the Sword of Starlight.[3] Haedrak was victorious and slew the usurper king, taking the throne in Kymer's place.[1]