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Laaqueel was the malenti priestess of Sekolah who freed Iakhovas in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]

Physical description[]

As a malenti, she was a sahuagin that had the appearance of an attractive elf. However, despite having gills, her skin had a very unusual pink color; much closer to the appearance of an actual surface elf instead of a sea elf.[3] The only difference that held her apart from other elves, be them terrestrial or aquatic, were the retractable claws she possessed.[3]


For this reason, the leader of her sahuagin colony, Baron Huaanton, decided not to train her as spy. Instead, Laaqueel joined the clergy of Sekolah under Senior Priestess Ghaataag. However, she always hated her appearance and the rift that it caused between her and other typical looking Sahuagin.[1]

While Laaqueel traveled on the surface world, she discovered the legend of the One Who Swims with Sekolah. She devoted herself to finding the truth behind the legends, and finally in 1354 DR, she found Iakhovas in Chult.[1]

She agreed to ally with Iakhovas and took him to her colony, where he infiltrated the colony in the form of a normal sahuagin. Always with Laaqueel at his side, Iakhovas rose within the ranks of sahaugin society, even manipulating Huaanton. Laaqueel was considered Iakhovas' high priestess.[2]

However, in the last part of the Twelfth Serôs War in 1369 DR, Laaqueel discovered that she had been blessed by Eldath, not Sekolah, and it was Eldath's voice that had guided her choices.[2]


Laaqueel was a true believer in Sekolah. The Shark God granted her a place and a purpose. Laaqueel was always focused on her mission, and never killed anyone outside of it.[1]





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