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Lacedons (pronounced: /ˈlɑːsɛdɑːnzLAS-e-danz[7]), also known as sodden ghouls,[2] were an aquatic type of ghoul. Similar to ghouls in all other respects, they were distinguished by their natural ability to swim as well as they could walk.[3]


Lacedons were surprisingly adept at climbing.[2]



Lacedons often lurked near reefs and rocky shores, places where ships and living creatures were likely to pass by.[2] When not on land they were in water, usually prowling near unseen reefs and other dangerous locations where boats and ships were at risk of sinking.[3]

In the Sea of Fallen Stars they were rarely found in Serôs, but were more prevalent in the shallows of the Whamite Isles[8] and the Haunted Plains.[9] In the Moonshae Isles they could occasionally be found in the land's rivers or lakes.[10]

Outside of the Prime Material plane, lacedons could be found in Draga Salt-Biter's domain of Saragoss in the Domains of Dread.[11]


Some evil aquatic creatures were known to deliberately create lacedons through rituals. These included aboleths, bog hags, kuo-toas, and sahuagins.[2]


A stronger type known as the "deep lacedon", analogous to an aquatic ghast, could be found in the vicinity of the Breaker of Waves shipwreck off the shores of Chult in the late 15th century DR. When encountered underwater, these undead creatures were enveloped in clouds of poisonous algae, and attacked with their claw rakes and vicious bites.[6]


In 1358 DR, an evil wizard, Flattery Wyvernspur, sent some of the lacedons under his control to assassinate Giogioni Wyvernspur before he could see old Selunite adventurer Lleddew. The aging cleric was a werebear and aided the young nobleman in slaying the vicious undead within the waters holy to Selûne.[12]

During the Twelfth Serôs War in 1369 DR, lacedon were among the many creatures in Iakhovas's army.[13]

In 1375 DR, during an undead army's assault upon Thay, lacedons were seen traveling along the rivers of the Sunrise Mountains.[14]

Arklem Greeth, a lich who long ruled in the Host Tower of Luskan, commanded a group of lacedon to ambush a fleet of supply ships from Waterdeep en route to the war-torn city of Luskan. Greeth used the lacedon to intercept the supply ship caravan in order to keep the people of Luskan hungry and desperate in retaliation for Captain Deudermont driving him from the city.[citation needed]


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