The Lady's Hall was a temple of Tymora in Baldur's Gate,[1][2] that was established soon after the city's founding.[4] As the Gate was a settlement that catered captains and seafaring traders, the Tymoran clergy found great fortune with those whose professions depended on a fair amount of luck.[3]


It was located in the northern part of the city,[5] in the Manorborn district.[6]


While the temple was noted for its size and wealth during the 14th century,[7] by the following century it was considered rather modest and unassuming compared to the nearby buildings. It blended quite well into its surroundings.[3]


The granite building had roof made of slate shingles and a single spire that only barely crested over the tall Baldurian architecture.[3]


The interior of the temple was decorated with statues and paintings that depicted stories of good fortune for those who traveled the seas. While some believed this decor was pandering to the history of Baldur's Gate, the art was in fact inherited from the buildings previous tenants.[3]


The Luckbringers of Tymora spent little time in the Lady's Hall, really only using it for religious ceremonies. Rather, they acted as judges and gamemasters for athletic matches, races and other events that tested skill and measured luck. They also worked in the city's several gambling halls and oversaw contests during city festivals,[3] as uncommon as they were.[8]

As many Baldurians refused to deal with guards of the Watch the Flaming Fist, or didn't want to involve themselves with the Guild, they found help in the Luckbringers of the Lady's Hall. The Tymorans often acted as "fixers" for those who had fallen into grave circumstances or as agents for those with particularly exceptional and unique talents.[3]


While the Lady's Hall was set to Tymora's name not long after the founding of Baldur's Gate, the building itself was previously a temple of Valkur. After a series of calamities that befell Baldurian ships at sea, the city's citizens rioted against Valkur's priests and demanded they protect their fellow seafarers from the wrath of Umberlee. When word got back that yet another ship sank at sea, Baldurians bound the Wavetamers and hurled their bodies down the steps of the Water Queen's House.[3]

The temple of Valkur was considered cursed for quite some time after the riots. Followers of Tymora recognized an opportunity and took the risk of establishing their holy house within the "cursed" temple and their goddess rewarded their risky venture.[3]


During the 14th century DR, the temple of Lady Luck was run by High Priest of the Lady's Favor Chanthalas Ulbright and the congregation consisted of twenty-four priests and sixty-nine followers.[1][2]



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