The Lady's Hand Monastery was a temple dedicated to Loviatar on Ladypeak.[2]


In the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, the tower of Lady's Hand collapsed under the attacks of a Morueme dragon, which was later torn asunder mid-flight by the monks' Netherese magic. After that, more Morueme dragons destroyed most of the buildings in the monastery but were unable to wipe out the monks who, in the meantime, retreated into the caves. The Moruemes then sent a small army of hobgoblins to execute the final assault, but the monks prevailed once again.[2]

However, winter likely drove the monks out.[1]


About ninety priests (human and half-elf) resided in this fortified temple and in the caves under the abbey. These monks were able to repel attacks by orcs and other monsters using ancient Netherese magic. The monks had a bad reputation in the surrounding area, because travelers passing by tended to disappear mysteriously.[1]

After the dragon assault, High Whipmistress Lorthalae Shamrass ruled a clergy just over forty strong, who were involved in rebuilding the fortress.[1]