Lady Galvena's Festhall was a festhall located to the west of Brynnlaw.[1]


The outside of the parlor had a staple pair of courtesans, one female and one male. They offered their services to bypassers here, instead of the potential customers having to come inside.[1]


The festhall had a front room, with a large booth, bookshelves and several tables and chairs. Paintings adorned the room, and in between them was a hidden door. The courtesan rooms were well furnished and contained luxurious sofas and beds.[1]

The downstairs are was a prison patrolled by many guards. The doors, other than leading back to the front and service rooms, led to the kitchen, the guildmistress's room, and to the cellar. The chamber contained many cells, where torture was carried out. Claire was one of these victims.[1]


Lady Galvena's Parlor was described to be a palace of romantic delights. Many of the courtesans, however, would be given draughts to drug wealthy customers for the establishment's monetary gain. Many of the courtesans were forced into servitude by Galvena, and were treated harshly.[1]


Several courtesans of both sexes were available for hire here.[1]



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