The Lady Luck Tavern was a taproom in Daggerford dedicated to Tymora and those that took risks, including soldiers, thieves, and adventurers.[1]


The two-floor tavern featured a rough pillar in the center that patrons attempted to climb, leaving a mark when they reached the top.[1]


Around 1370 DR, the tavern was located in the Money Quarter,[2] but by 1485 DR, the establishment was moved to the Caravan Quarter, just within the town's Caravan Gate.[3]


As of the Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls, 1486 DR, the owner of the tavern was a human woman named Glenys. She encouraged gambling in the tavern and even sponsored larger games each night.[1]

Notable PatronsEdit

The tavern was frequented by Curran Corvalin, the halfling chosen of Tymora who sponsored filling Tymora's cup, a ceremonial offering to the goddess should she want to stop by for a drink.[1]



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