The Lagarr Legacy was the name given to a treasure trove amassed by Kuthor Lagarr and his wife Jhanthyl. Specifically, it was used to describe the portion of riches that mysteriously disappeared while being transported by a wagon caravan under armed guard in the Year of the Maiden's Tears, 475 DR.[1]


The lost treasure included multiple chests of gold coins, a large coffer of gems and jewelry, and eating utensils made of silver. In all, the missing valuables filled six to eight wagons.[1][note 1]


Kuthor Lagarr was a warlord from somewhere south of Cormyr, in the region of the Vilhon Reach, in the 5th century DR. He decided to carve out a domain for himself and his loyal followers and chose a spot northeast of Wheloon. Kuthor demanded efficiency from his servants, warriors, and laborers, and his settlement of Irongates quickly grew prosperous. Whether or not he knew that the land he settled on was claimed by Cormyr is unknown, but King Duar Obarskyr considered Kuthor, the settlement, and the nearly completed castle of Irongates Gard to be a threat to the sovereignty of the Crown.[1]

In 475 DR, the king and his knights attacked Irongates Gard and Kuthor was killed in the battle. King Duar confiscated the lands and wealth of the Lagarrs, shipping the portable wealth back to the treasury beneath Castle Obarskyr in Suzail. About thirty knights and warriors were chosen to guard the caravan of treasure, many of them rivals of long standing, in the hope that their mutual mistrust would prevent any large-scale conspiracy involving so much material wealth. Elvrin Crownsilver, a loyal and trusted advisor to the king, was put in charge of the task force.[1]

At least twenty wagons laden with treasure set out on the journey from Irongates Gard to Castle Obarskyr, but only fourteen of them arrived. The trip was made without rest, except to change horses at three different stables along the way. Somewhere along the route, several with drivers, guards, horses, and Elvrin Crownsilver disappeared from the end of the caravan without alerting any of the people in the leading wagons. No distinguishable trace of the horses, wagons, or men were ever found, except for the severed right hand of Elvrin, still grasping his sword, lying in a pool of blood on the road.[1]

Divination spells cast on the hand and the sword failed to reveal any details about the disappearance of Elvrin Crownsilver and the rest of the caravan. Elvrin was presumed dead and was not blamed for the heist. The suspicions at the time were that either the magical elves or a group of bandits with strong magical aid were the culprits, but no evidence was found to support either hypothesis. The fate of Elvrin, the caravan guards, and the Lagarr Legacy were still unknown when noted historian Volothamp Geddarm wrote about them nearly 900 years later.[1]



  1. The source uses the phrase "twenty-odd wagons" and fourteen of them completed the journey, so the exact number is unknown.


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