Lahm's finger darts was a spell that shot the caster's fingers against the target.[1]


On casting Lahm's finger darts, one to five of the caster's fingers shot against the target—more experienced casters could shoot more fingers. The caster could pick different targets for each finger. On hitting, which it always did, the fingers sapped the agility of the target. The caster lost his or her fingers and also suffered a temporary loss of strength. The fingers grew back as the caster recovered strength.[1]


Somatic and verbal components were needed to cast the spell. It was a corrupt spell and therefore incurred a corruption cost in the form of damaged physical strength.[1]


The spell carried the name of Lahm, a mage from Oerth. Whether he was also the inventor of the spell was not known.[2]

On Toril, Gestal used Lahm's finger darts against Gargan at some point during the 14th century DR.[3]



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