The Lair of the Hidden was once an inn in Maerimydra until it was turned into a hidden base for the Hidden during the Silence of Lolth.[1]


Located in the north-eastern end of Maerimydra, the Lair of the Hidden was about 200 ft (60.9 m) south of the Shattered Tower. It adjoined a clothier's shop.[2][1]



The Lair of the Hidden was a large building, originally rising multiple stories above street level. These upper stories were ravaged by fire during the invasion of Kurgoth Hellspawn in 1372 DR, leaving only the ground floor and basement intact. The windows had been smashed in by looters during the occupation.[1]


Inside, the Lair of the Hidden was a more or less intact ground floor, albeit with furniture thrown into the street, which included a large pillared room and a kitchen. A narrow flight of stairs connected to the cellar via the kitchen. The basement level was large and had a secret trapdoor that connected to the clothier's shop next door.[1][2]


Prior to the fall of Maerimydra, the Lair of the Hidden was an inn that catered to the many merchants that visited the city from across the Underdark. Afterwards, it became a fall-back point and safe house for the Hidden.[1]


Despite being mostly destroyed by fire, the Lair of the Hidden was one of the few locales standing in the city during the Silence of Lolth. Its defensive properties were mostly in the relative anonymity it gave those who wished to move unseen around the city. The secret trapdoor in the basement was a handy means of swiftly escaping any concerted attack.[1]


Prior to the Silence of Lolth, the building was a large inn frequented by a variety of Underdark merchants visiting Maerimydra. However, on Eleint 23, in 1372 DR, an army of goblins, giants, and demons led by Kurgoth Hellspawn invaded the city. During the chaos, the inn's upper floors were destroyed by fire and it was thoroughly looted.[1][3]

By Marpenoth 27, a group of resistance fighters called the Hidden, led by Hamadh the Unseen, appropriated the inn as a safe house for their operations in the city.[1]


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