Lake Thaylambar was the largest freshwater lake in all of Thay. Its waters were vast, deep and ice-cold, even during the summer months of the year.[1] The frigid waters were fed by the River Eltar, which flowed down from Thaymount and the eastern Surag River, down the slopes of the Sunrise Mountains. The lake fed the waters of the northward River Thay, which proceeded to open up into Lake Mulsantir.[2]


Rich with a wide variety of sea life, Lake Thaylambar was a blessing to Thayan fishermen. The fish and other seafood hauled from its depths wound up feeding many citizens of the nation's tharchs. However, the deep waters of Lake Thaylambar were infested with dragon turtles, monstrous sea creatures that regularly snacked upon Thayan fishing vessels.[3][1]


Throughout the 14th century DR, many noble Thayan seafarers led hunting expeditions upon the waters of Lake Thaylambar in an attempt to reduce their numbers.[3] In 1371 DR, the enchanter Brazhal Kos developed a magical harness that allowed his party to capture one of the magnificent sea beasts.[2]

By the 15th century, Thayan necromancers had managed to slay a number of dragon turtles and raised them as undead abominations that served within the Thayan navy.[4]

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