Lake Woe mountain was one of the tallest mountains in northern Faerûn and the home to a steading of storm giants.[1][note 1]


The peak rose high above most cloud cover yet was constantly bombarded by lightning storms. It was one of the hardest mountains to climb among all of the Ice Spires; only expert mountaineers stood a chance at summiting it.[1]


The mountain rose from Lake Woe, south of the Ice Spire mountains and north of the Ice Mountains.[2][3][note 2]

Flora & FaunaEdit

Thousands of birds visited the mountain peak on those rare days when there were not thunderstorms.[1]


The mountain was the home to a steading of storm giants who had played a significant role in the War of the Hart.[1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 The name "Lake Woe mountain" is not given in any canonical source, though all of its details given are canonical; the name is used solely for the purpose of having an article title for this significant mountain in the middle of Lake Woe.
  2. Lake Woe is not labelled on any map, but its description places it south of the Ice Spires South, and only one lake on the maps fits that description. Lake Woe mountain is actually depicted in the center of the lake in the map included with the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide.


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