The Lake of Blood was a red-tinged lake in Maerimydra.[1]


The Lake of Blood was located in the south-eastern section of Maerimydra, between the slave district and the southern gates.[1]


Roughly 400 ft (121.9 m) west-to-east and about 600 ft (182.8 m) north-to-south, the Lake of Blood was the largest body of water in Maerimydra.[2] A red tinge and an acrid smell gave the lake a blood-like appearance. A pair of small streams wound their way towards the lake; generally drinkable water could only be drawn from the streams rather than the lake itself.[1]


Shortly after the founding of Maerimydra, rebels in the city tried to overthrow the rulership but were eventually defeated. The bodies of the dead rebels were thrown into the lake and reputedly thereafter tainted the waters.[1]



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