The Lake of Salt, also known as Azulduth, was a shallow body of water in the Beastlands that was fed by the River of Swords. It was surrounded by partially-looted Sauroid ruins, many of which extended deep under the earth and was primarily inhabited by Yuan-ti.[1]


The ruined tower of the powerful wizard Nezram lay on the lake's far northeastern shore.[2]

Deep beneath the lake was a large, complex system of pumps called the Pumps of Pyraddin, believed to be named for a dwarven engineer responsible for their construction. These pumps continually drained the welling springs around the lake and filtered their water through lakes of charcoal and chalk, as well as air jet bubble-rakes. Finally, it pumped the water down into the Deep Lands where it formed a river that eventually flowed up into the Aerilpar Forest.[3]



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