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The Lake of Steam, also known as the Arnaden, was an inland sea connected to the Shining Sea.[1]


With the Shaar on the east, it separated the Shining South from the rest of Faerûn. On its shores was a collection of free cities, mainly on the northern and western sides. The southern side, by contrast, was a collection of kingdoms collectively named the Border Kingdoms. At the center of the lake was the Arnrock. The mountains around the area were one of the only places that the rare substance, zardazik, could be found.[1]


As of 1479 DR, the Lake of Steam was about half the size it was before the Spellplague. The Arnrock was in the eastern half of the sea rather than the center, and the eastern portion of the sea ended about thirty miles short of the town of Derlusk, where Derlusk was once on the southeastern coast of the sea. A large lake was separated from the main body of the sea and lay near the ruins of Innarlith. The Qurth Forest was a small fraction of its former size, and the Duskwood was completely gone. Suldolphor was also in ruins.[2]

Notable Locations

A volcanic island.
An island that was once the site of a Calishite hunting preserve.


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