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A lammasu (pronounced: /ˈlɑːmɑːsLA-ma-soo[3]) was a noble and stern magical beast that looked like a cross between a lion and an eagle. Lammasus sought to promote goodness throughout the world, living in isolated ruins and abandoned temples. They spoke Celestial, Common, and Draconic.[4]


A lammasu had the body of a lion, the wings of a giant eagle, and the face of a human.[4] They were capable of flight.[1]

The average lammasu was eight feet (two meters) long and weighed about 500 pounds (225 kilograms).[4]


Lammasus were noble and stern creatures who preferred isolation but concerned themselves with the well-being of good creatures in general. They were cordial in nature towards other good creatures, and they were often willing to assist in combating evil. Although not immediately apparent, lammasus were occasionally capable of compassion.[4]


A lammasu could cast divine magic, including spells from the good, healing, knowledge, and law domains.[4]


Lammasus would almost always join a fight if a good creature was in danger.[5] They would attack evil creatures on sight.[4] They possessed sharp front claws. They could also cast cure critical wounds, cure serious wounds, and one in ten could cast holy word.[5]

Lammasus radiated an aura of protection from evil.[5]

According to early scholars, lammasus could turn invisible and use dimension door whenever they chose.[5] However, later scholars claimed that a lammasu was limited to using greater invisibility on itself up to twice per day and dimension door once per day.[4]


In −30,700 DR, a number of lammasu defeated a much larger force of Aearee-Krocaa, killing one thousand.[6]



Lammasu were considered to be a very commonly encountered creature within the Ethereal Plane.[7]


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